by John L. Petersen | excerpt from FUTUREdition Volume 17, Number 1

Happy New Year to you! There are many indicators that suggest this is going to be an extraordinary year. Great change is afoot and we’re all blessed to have the opportunity to help shape this transition to an emerging new world. We will continue, here at FUTUREdition, to chronicle the most interesting harbingers that we can find of the future that is incoming.

The objective of all of this, of course, is to keep you informed so that you can be actively engaged in the evolution of this rather amazing, new reality. We’d like to provide early warnings and weak signals of what may turn out to be very significant downstream events that will affect us all. In a sense, we’re trying to assure that you, and we, are not overly surprised by what transpires.

It appears that this global process is intrinsically evolutionary – accelerated evolution, to be sure – but not abrupt and highly disruptive. Therefore, in order to keep up with the accelerating rate of change we strive to highlight those events and trends –both conventional and unconventional – that point toward to looming new world so that we’re all acclimated, so to speak, to the systematic contributions to this dramatic change.

In a real sense, this is all about adaptation – changing our perspectives, values and paradigm (our understanding of how our reality works) fast enough to effectively surf the immense, multi-dimensional wave that is driving us toward a new shore. It is about permeability – the ability to let new ideas shine in (easily and quickly), so that we can constantly reconfigure our personal paradigms to reflect the new understanding and changes that surround us.

The massive shifts that are happening are rather extraordinary. There’s the radical, new role of our government in our private lives, amazing new technologies that call into question the utility and appropriateness of our legacy social systems, the global dominance of corporate agriculture, the changing understanding of the history of our species, the rapid emergence of new possibilities in consciousness, the coming revolution in energy production and storage, rapid change that is threatening older social systems that see the emerging new reality as antithetical to their social and religious order, the extraordinary way that we are polluting our planet and now, global climate change that will shift how everything else works in the coming years (see the video below) . . . to name a few.

So, as the metabolism of the larger, planet-wide system shifts into a higher gear we all need to be aware of – but not emotionally connected to – those things that are contributing to the change. Our ability to respond effectively to the change fundamentally depends upon how things either make sense or not to us. We’d like to help shine a little light on the situation and help us all make sense of the change.

We only make this happen with your help. So, many, many thanks to all of you who contributed financially to supporting the publication of FUTUREdition in the last few weeks. All of us who play a part in getting this out twice a month very much appreciate your generosity.

Berkeley Springs Transition Talks

If you are a regular reader of this column, you’ve noticed that we have a speaker series here in our town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. We try to have someone interesting each month that provokes us all to think in new ways about something germane to the global shift that is underway.

Many of you have asked if we could generate videos of the talks and make them available to FE readers who can’t make it to Berkeley Springs. I’m happy to report that we have now worked out a process for video recording the presentations going forward (we have tried it in the past with almost universal failure!), that we will produce and post online. I’ll mention them here each time they become available, but you will also be able to find them at our new Berkeley Springs Transition Talks website, www.transitiontalks.org. We’re still putting together our schedule for this year, so right now there’s a big blank page where upcoming talks will be posted, but you can find historical information and more about our speaker series on the other pages.

Climate Change Video

I gave a talk in October about climate change and tried to tape it without success, so I sat down here and had a friend shoot the talk which you will find here.

This presentation is about 1h25m and summarizes my take on the current debate on global warming, the fact that the planet has not warmed in 17 years and the distinct likelihood that we are about to enter a mini-ice age — soon.

As it turns out, the sun is driving all of these changes, not humans. Just moments ago I received this report from the BBC where they’re now starting to link the lack of solar activity to historical global cooling events and questioning what is on our horizon.

Check out the video and see what you think. Pass it along if you choose to.

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