Trip to Damanhur and Findhorn

We just about have the website finished for our tour in October to Damanhur in Italy and northern Scotland’s Findhorn. This two-week trip will be a wonderful opportunity to experience two of the most interesting examples of emerging societies and learn what they might tell us about our own futures.

Damanhur is considered the “eighth wonder of the world” for it’s amazing temples dug out of the interior of a mountain, and Findhorn is famous for having accomplished seemingly impossible agricultural feats and advancing whole system sustainability.

Along the way we’ll spend a couple of days near Portofino on the Italian Riviera and tour England’s Stonehenge and the environs with two extraordinary guides, Lucy Pringle and Chris Robinson, she, one of the world’s experts on crop circles and he, the famous “dream detective”, who dreams about the future.

Join us for an extraordinary combination of art, invention, beauty and history that will excite your mind, spirit, and body. The dates are October 5-19.

Click here to be sent complete information.

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